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Quanzhou strive within two years won the "China bags are"
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     WASHINGTON recent years, Quanzhou bag industry with an average annual rate of more than 30% growth momentum is very strong first half of 2005 bags export growth of 74% over last year, and strive to 2010 the city s entire bag than 20 billion yuan output value of industrial clusters. Yesterday, reporters from Quanzhou bags Merchants Association informed, Quanzhou bag industry "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" has taken shape. The next five years, with Guangdong province outward transfer bag industry, the favorable opportunity, the main industry in Quanzhou bags
Undertake activities to improve the industrial structure.

     Strong momentum in industrial development

    In recent years, Quanzhou bag industry momentum is very strong first half of 2005 bags export growth of 74% over last year, many export-oriented industries in Quanzhou in the race to develop thriving.

Quanzhou bags Merchants Association, said Secretary-General Chen Long, Quanzhou Quanzhou bag industry has become over 10 billion yuan of eight new industrial clusters, there are more than 1,000 bags manufacturers, the annual output value of more than 100 million, primarily production of sports, leisure software package products, accounting for about 36% of similar products, accounting for 93% of similar products in the province, has become the world s bags bags manufactured exports and an important base. Bag industry in 2004 totaled approximately 600 million yuan tax, providing 130,000 jobs (people), is a manufacturing base in Quanzhou livelihood important economic sector and an important way of placement.

It is understood that obvious Quanzhou bags industrial scale, the city s enterprise value of nine billion dollars, 50 million yuan to 100 million yuan more than 30, output value of over $ 10 million enterprise with more than 200 of its own standardized 50000m2 factory has more than 11, 10000m2 above 87, the output value of large-scale enterprise sector accounted for 73% of GDP. According to the industry, "Eleventh Five-Year Plan", Quanzhou bags business plan and strive to bag the whole city in 2010 than 20 billion yuan output value of industry clusters.

Chen Long believes that industry and bags in Quanzhou Shanghai, Jiangsu, Zhejiang and other places peers, with the development of early strength, well-known R & D ability, quality and good features, Quanzhou should actively do reporting. "Bags of all China" industry, the title of the work zone will be fighting for in 2007 "--- Quanzhou, China bags" title.

By the transfer of industries to upgrade

LI Ji-xiang Quanzhou bags Merchants Association, president of analysis, the current industry mainly produces bags in Quanzhou, low-end products, while in Guangdong the main production, high-end products, low-end products are produced mainly in Jiangsu and Zhejiang, the above three regions to form the world s largest The bag production center, Quanzhou and the other two regions both in product positioning dislocation, there is competition.

Quanzhou should take the initiative to undertake the transfer of Guangdong bag industry, through the initiative to undertake the transfer of industries, Quanzhou bag industry s product quality will be improved. Lee believes that enterprises in Quanzhou in improving product quality, but also can not give up the traditional advantages of low-end product market. Because the bag industry is labor-intensive enterprises, for the difficult problem of enterprise and employment in recent years, he said Quanzhou bags can be low-end products business production base relocation, in Zhangzhou, Longyan, Nanping and other surrounding areas of the labor surplus satellite plants .

"Low-end production base to the inland migration, Quanzhou you can learn from Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea and other regional and national practice, has become a research and development, orders, production of high-end products, bags industrial center of the city." Li Jixiang said.

Actively build the city bags

The industry "Eleventh Five-Year Plan" that the current lack of development space bags in Quanzhou, because the carrier construction is lagging behind the overall planning and layout of vacancies, lack of professional park and large-scale professional market, many companies in the development of productive land are generally less than , inadequate infrastructure facilities problems, some large-scale output of tens of millions or even billions of leading enterprises have relocated, or branch established in the field, and expand development, weakened the Quanzhou bag industry s overall competitiveness.

Reporters learned from the multi-coming center of Quanzhou bag industry --- "Quanzhou International Luggage Logistics mall" construction is actively preparing for the present government has Fengze Quanzhou Anji street plan as a bag material 200 acres of land City s land by the Fortress area, provincial bags raw materials industry associations, chambers of comme

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