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Taste of the basic five paragraph
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    Chinese New Year holiday is approaching, travel bags as necessary clothing, and be both practical and stylish two basic elements. A high-quality handbags, may be a direct reflection of the user s personal taste. How to choose the handbag, not only the beautiful appearance of the handbag, and the overall style and must be in harmony.

    First, with the basic style of dress impeccable

    Used with the most appropriate dress to be working well, the basic style style rules. Now the fashion handbags, pay more attention to their texture, soft leather texture, perfect version of the classic mature wild-type and the color of a bag of three basic models features.

    Tips: The basic style of the bag itself is higher, whether it is work or texture, will become the focus. Select styles as simple as possible, but well-made bag, is the key to extra points.

    Second, the full warmth of the season hot fur bag

    For the past two years on the fur of large-scale elements in the application of clothing, bags, how can the design of indifferent? Whether it is the local use of the edge, or a large area of ​​the overall cut, can be fur cozy warmth into a reality. If the expansion is a sense of fear of fur clothing or too extravagant, but more than itching of the popular people, fur bags this season is the best choice.

    Tips: Most of this season s fur bag with style and leisure, and simple personality dress complement each other, can be used to echo the style casual fur jacket decorated, but can not remember a sense of luxury with a full fur coat.

    Third, the enduring logo fabric bag

    Brand will not miss all the classic logo style cloth bags, one is a combination of design and the brand itself, on the one hand has become a special pattern. logo color cloth bags most of relatively calm, simple and elegant style, with details of the light as a whole. Casual or dress can match the classic style, how can we not be tempted?

    Tips: logo cloth bag itself is a brand of extreme publicity.

    Four different styles of plaid bag

    Plaid bag according to different patterns, colors, styles, showing a completely different style. Formal, or casual; elegant, or easy; mature, or lively ... ... plaid hot season, and is certainly worth trying to check bags.

    Tips: You can use a single, large color dress accompanied by a rich color grid bag, can dress with colorful plaid bag together with a single color, but not fancy to go, the overall feeling is greatly reduced .

    Fifth, ethnic style embroidery bag

    As a continuation of the national style, this season some brands have launched a corresponding embroidery bags, full of deep ethnic customs in the modern world of modern show a unique flavor. Pattern of exaggerated, eye-catching color, does not want to attract the eye is immune.

    Tips: vigorous national style this season to join the ranks of the mix, to match the complex and simple, echoing the ancient customs and modern, bright and calm on the ride, there is nothing to match the bags with embroidery is more simple?

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