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Men carrying a large bag
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    Men s summer, though, unlike women s fashion changes at such a dizzying, but as a secretly exciting. Seek changes in a simple, play details, year by year set off the wave. Men s spring and summer 2005 show floor, you can see the tall handsome male model dressed smartcasual style fashion coat, wearing an old washing jeans or elegant or casual, as if immersed in all the time travel ideas were. So Da Lielie become a new favorite bag, clothing style reminiscent of that swelling of the liver to not do the mod era, there is the ubiquitous bowling bag.

    Bags, you could see a person s personality. For example, the sun will be stingy little boy to carry on only handle bag walking down the street. A large bag made door is not the same, at least stand the outsiders looked at and score, the file can pretend to be small things orderly, careful thought to show that he is a typical. Maybe it really needs in order to use functions, as early as autumn 1999 and 2000, Louis Vuitton bag on the launch but also several times larger than the male s large bag in red and purple packaging, amazing results can not be overemphasized .

    But, many modern men too vague impression of taste, can not find their own position, lost in the blind pursuit of self-brand. Now immersed in the fashion industry a "journey home" tourist atmosphere, although from styling point of view, the more narrow perspective of a small clear bag, backpack, the more there will be a sense; the wider collapse, large soft travel bag is rich in meaning. Some people might ask, in addition to travel outside, who needs a big bag to carry it? Designers to promote travel in the bag all the fashion, we find that living space will be limited to the urban man is no longer the best player in the trend. Those who know how to travel, and acting freely, filled with wild temperament of the man is the focus of fashion.

    GUCCI large bag, men bag handbags are both critical stand. The atmosphere there is fine, see the aristocratic leisure, showing the city s natural assertive, a little rough, a bit random.

    Now immersed in the fashion industry a "journey home" tourist atmosphere. Wide collapse, a large soft bag to go wandering means rich.

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